Mixing Science, Nature, and Art

I love the Bell Museum of Natural History at the University of Minnesota because it mixes science, nature, and art to teach us about the flora and fauna of Minnesota. The museum does a fabulous job of entertaining both adults and children. I recently took my niece to the Bell.

Highlights of Our Visit

  • In the Touch & See Room my bug-loving niece was happy to correctly identify the live centipedes and cockroaches.
  • We were both stumped on identifying most of the fur pelts, except the beaver (because its tail was still attached).
  • Looking at the large habitat dioramas, my niece would focus in on the smallest of details, such as a snail on the ground.
  • She was very curious about what was real and what was fake in the dioramas.
  • When we got to the room of framed artwork, a kind employee asked whether my niece would like to do a puzzle, allowing me to look at the paintings and photographs.
  • The squishy, lumpy carpet that represents a peat bog served as a trampoline for my niece, while providing a comfy catnap for me.

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