Nature Documentary Junkies

H and I are fans of nature documentaries. Apparently we’re not the only ones. In the Nature Stories Podcast, armchair naturalists are featured in an episode called Nature Junkies (MP3).

We’re currently working our way through the Planet Earth series, which I recorded on DVR. We are so fortunate to have the Animal Planet, Discovery and National Geographic channels.

My all-time favorite nature documentary is MicroCosmos, by Jacques Perrin. The amazing videography gives you a close-up look at the life of insects, without making you feel queasy. I don’t want to give away any of the surprises, so I will just describe this video as fascinating, beautiful, and hilarious. I highly recommend you purchase this video because adults and kids alike will enjoy watching it over and over again. It is a real hoot to watch MicroCosmos with a group of people.


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  1. Kathy Says:

    MicroCosmos is a favorite movie of mine too. Everyone watching can talk, and laugh, about what’s happening on screen because there is virtually no narration. Scenes from the movie continue to come up in conversation.

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