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Music to My Ears

August 18, 2009

The wind shakes the leaves of the cottonwood tree like a million tambourines

The waves slap the shore like brassy symbols

The woodpecker taps out the beat like a snare drum

And the songbird carries the melody

Wind Power!

August 5, 2009

After reading that my friend over at Striving Green is participating in Xcel Energy’s Windsource, my household decided to do the same. Today we signed up for 100% wind power for our electricity! This doesn’t mean that our particular house is connected to a wind turbine, but the money we pay obliges the utility to invest in more wind turbines for the larger energy grid.

Windsource is the nation’s largest voluntary renewable energy program and goes above and beyond whatever renewable energy requirements are mandated to the utility. Although Minnesota Windsource customers currently pay an additional $3.53 per 100 kWh, they are exempt from the “fuel cost charge” billed to regular customers, so the net cost is about $1.00 per 100 kWh. However, last summer the fuel cost charge was so high that Xcel wind power proved to be a July bargain.

Our average monthly electric usage is 441 kWh. The extra ~$4.41 that we are going to pay is a small price to make the world a better place through renewable energy.