Logging the Hours

As a Minnesota Master Naturalist volunteer, I have pledged to spend at least 40 hours per year volunteering for the great outdoors. In 2008 I unfortunately failed miserably at reaching this goal. This year I am again struggling to log in that many hours, but I think I can still do it! I will need to devote most of my Saturday mornings to volunteering.

So far this year I have:

  • chaperoned kids on a snowshoeing/animal tracking excursion
  • pulled invasive species: burdock and garlic mustard
  • planted native grasses and flowers on a steep hillside overlooking the Mississippi River (then my legs hurt for 3 days!)
  • collected acorns for planting this fall
  • planted rain gardens at a school

If you are interested in habitat restoration in Minnesota, here are some organizations that host volunteer events. I hope to see you at some events this fall!

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