I’m a “Member-Owner”

I just joined Mississippi Market, a natural foods co-op. The one-time stock investment of $90 seemed steep, but I will recoup it in less than 18 months with member discounts. I’m already a member of a CSA (Foxtail Farm), which delivers fresh vegetables from June to October, but I wanted a good source for organic produce the rest of the year, as well as a source for sustainably-raised meat.

The co-op’s current newsletter expresses the values that help create good food:

  • We need to care about how our food is grown.
  • We need to be willing to pay the true cost of food.
  • We need to understand and respect the connection between our food and the health of our families and our planet.

One Response to “I’m a “Member-Owner””

  1. Micaela Says:

    Congratulations on your co-op membership/ownership! The other thing I like about being a member of a co-op is they will print the % of locally purchased items at the bottom of the receipt. It’s nice to have that awareness.

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