Hello Mr. Flicker

Boy, birdwatching couldn’t get much better than this—from the comfort of my own home! First the Pileated Woodpecker; now the Northern Flicker. This is a male Flicker, identified by his handsome black mustache. The other day a squirrel was poking his head out of this tree cavity. I wonder who will stop by next?

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8 Responses to “Hello Mr. Flicker”

  1. Ben Wilson Says:

    fun video. My wife asked if that noise was outside when I was playing it. Great quality video and audio. What camera??

  2. Sue Says:

    The camcorder is a Sanyo Xacti VPC-TH1 HD 30x optical zoom.

  3. Karen Worrell Says:

    My two love birds started chirping when they heard the flicker on the video. LOL I have a couple of flickers in my yard and I love to watch them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amy Says:

    this is an awesome video–love flickers–thanks for sharing

  5. Steve Bachman Says:

    Very cool! I’m going to have to get me a camcorder. And I’m going to need that tree.

  6. Sue Says:

    Very funny Steve :)
    Yes, a camcorder is even more fun than a camera. You need one.

    LOL, it’s interesting to see pets’ reactions.

    Thanks for commenting. Yes, flickers are so beautiful.

  7. Penelope Says:

    Very nice video, and wonderful close-up views of the markings of this handsome bird.

  8. The Average Joe Fisherman Says:

    Very nice. I found your blog today on OBN. I like it and will visit often.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

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