2011 Recap

It’s time to tally up my hours of volunteering as a Minnesota Master Naturalist. In 2011, I logged 40.5 hours (including travel time) doing the following activities:

  • Assisted visitors with snowshoes and techniques for measuring trees at Fort Snelling State Park for the National Park Service.
  • Chaperoned a 5th grade field trip to William O’Brien State Park to learn about and catch bugs.
  • Gave tours of my native plants garden for Wild Ones.
  • Gave feedback to staff of Great River Greening regarding a presentation they developed.
  • Represented the MN Master Naturalists at the first annual Landscape Revival: Native Plant Expo & Market. Talked to attendees about the Master Naturalist program and about the benefits of native plants.
  • Represented Great River Greening at a fundraiser at Ten Thousand Villages store.
  • Collected sap from maple trees at Tamarack Nature Center.
  • Weeded the native prairie demonstration plot at Crosby Farm Park for St. Paul Parks.
  • Removed invasive burdock from Hidden Falls Park for the Mississippi River Fund.
  • Planted native plants in a terraced forest at Como Park for St. Paul Parks.
  • Searched for Jack-in-the-Pulpit berries/seeds and picked up trash at Coldwater Springs for the National Park Service.

I enjoy getting outside to volunteer for the benefit of the environment. Being a Minnesota Master Naturalist motivates me to do so. Master Naturalists pledge 40 hours of their time each year to protecting nature and often end up enjoying it at the same time!

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